Being a Data Analyst in THENBLANK, you will provides an in-depth analysis of a company's financial data. It helps organizations to gain insights into their
financial data and implement indicative action to improve performance. You will be located at Margonda, Depok on Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance/Economics

  • Minimum of one year of working experience as business finance or other relevant experience

  • Having an experience in conducting research in both approaches (qualitative and/or quantitative (statistical) methodologies)

  • Have an ability to collects and analyzes information on a number of different source data pertaining to a case and leading to a reasoned decision or appropriate course of action

  • Good ability to apply a range of financial management tools and approaches, such as budgeting and forecasting, cost/benefit analyses, analysis of financial reports

  • Initiative and resourcefulness to solve problems and ensure quality work outputs are produced on time and within the limits of available resources

  • Have a good understanding of Microsoft Excel and SQL

  • Good presentations skills

  • Knowing about the industry local fashion brand is an advantage


  • Research the live market to perform comparison analysis among competitors to support internal financial analysis

  • Required to compile information on the prices of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, variable annuities, and other key financial instruments that serve as valuable information gateways for the firm

  • Create and maintain spreadsheets and dashboards to generate insights from the data and aid in their financial models

  • Create a suggestive approach to improve the performance by analyzing financial results, trends, forecasts, etc

  • Aid in the capital budgeting and expenditure planning processes

  • Create recommendations to be presented to management and executives

  • Maintain up-to-date technical knowledge of financial instruments, market conditions, and trends


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